Making Language Learning Stick

What makes humans human? One of the things that make us different from other animals is speech: Top 10 Things That Make Humans Special

One of our strongest driving forces is the need for communication. Of course, that means learning a new language when you live in a foreign country, or need to communicate with someone in their language because of work, new family or perhaps travel.

Anybody who has tried to learn a new language knows that it can be harder to start as an adult and takes a lot of practice! Here are some tips to make language learning stick:

1. Spaced repetition memory technique: space your learning at regular small intervals at first and then gradually make the intervals longer.

2. Learn before you sleep to move what you learned into your brain’s long term memory. Try reading a book in the new language you are learning!

3. Study content using interesting topics instead of just learning the language mechanics.

4. Study in small chunks every day.

5. Mix new and old – try to build on vocabulary and grammar you already know.

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